Pe and Pi wedding watercolors

Commission to sketch during and after a wedding. Pe and Pi got married in a lovely ceremony and celebration, and all they got were these lousy watercolors. Happy journey together, guys! Winsor & Newton 300g/m2 rough grain 100% cotton watercolor paper.

Encomenda para desenhar e aguarelar durante e depois de um casamento. O Pe e a Pi deram o nó numa linda cerimónia e festa, e a única coisa que receberam foram estas míseras aguarelas. Muitas felicidades para os dois! Papel de aguarela Winsor & Newton 300g/m2 grão grosso 100% algodão.

Eduarda and André wedding illustrations

Eduarda and André felt their big day needed a touch of the old ink and watercolor.

A Eduarda e o André sentiram que o seu grande dia podia beneficiar de um toque de tinta e aguarela.

The guests received custom sketched invites, with directions on how to get to all the right places.

Os convidados receberam convites desenhados personalizados, com informações sobre como chegar aos sítios certos.
Upon arrival, the guests could learn, from a 700 x 1000mm poster, the fun and relaxation the lucky newlyweds would have in their honeymoon in Italy.

Logo à chegada, os convidados podiam, graças a um poster de 700 x 1000mm, ficar a saber do divertimento e descanso que os recém-casados iriam ter na sua lua de mel em Itália.

Also, they could check their place at the wedding table, and get ready for the party!

E também, podiam descobrir o seu lugar na mesa de casamento, e prepararem-se para a festa!

My sister’s wedding

140315 Lagos 01

A sunny mid-March weekend had me flying from Copenhagen to Lisbon to Faro and back in little over 40 hours. The effort was worthwhile because I was going for the wedding of one of the dearest persons in the world to me – my little sister.

140315 Lagos 02

It was a true designer’s wedding: simple & sleek, with a touch of fun and a tad of emotion. But it took a whole lot of jet fuel to make it happen: people from all over Europe travelled to the tip of the continent to attend. It has to mean something that a couple can have such magnetism over so many square mileage.

140315 Lagos 03

Proud moms and pops were too busy going around to be caught on ink. There was just too much going on. Of course, it always felt there was more to be done in the few hours there than to sketch, although the temptation to record the fleeting celebration was always hovering around me.

140315 Lagos 04

Wouldn’t have missed it for the world, sis!

140315 Lagos 05