Foreign exchange workshop

Are you eager to sketch new places?
Are you not quite ready to travel and paint outside?
Want instruction from seasoned international instructors?

Then welcome to Foreign Exchange.

Studio Kelkar and Pedro Loureiro are teaming up to bring a set of workshop that will start online but end outdoors. We have 2 sets for you.

Our first set is Lisboa focused. (You are in the right place, keep reading)
Our second set is San Jose focused. (Sign up link – click here)
We use technology so that you can avail of instruction from both of us in one weekend. Look at the graphics to see how the 3, 2-hour sessions are planned.

The Lisboa focused workshop will begin Saturday afternoon in the comfort of your house, where Uma will instruct from her home town of San Jose over Zoom. Later in the day, Pedro will take you to the old town of Lisboa (link) to use the tools that you learned from Uma a few hours earlier. He will of course add his flavor to her teachings in-person. The next day, we reconvene for an on-location workshop with Pedro as the in-person instructor and will have a booth setup where Uma can Zoom chat with anyone who needs 1-1 instruction. We will have a system in place so no one person overuses Uma’s 1-1 time.

In Lisbon time (GMT+1) 
Sat, June 5, 2 pm – 4 pm, Uma teaches via Zoom
Sat, June 5, 7 pm – 9 pm, Pedro on location
Sun, June 6, 2 pm – 4 pm, Pedro on location, Uma on Zoom
And still some time to relax in the late afternoon.

Our common strengths:
Introverted instructors who can talk a lot about painting. Both use watercolor, ink and pens and are avid urban sketchers. Both volunteer with urban sketchers in varying roles other than that of Urban Sketcher instructors.

Our differentiating strengths:
Where Uma is a shape painter, Pedro is a line artist. Even his complex drawings appear clean and this skill is reflected in his vocabulary and in-person teaching as well. Uma is well acquainted with Almaden Lake and feels she can show you beauty in the sometimes stark vegetation around the lake. Starting with line and moving to shapes or vice-versa will inform choices one makes. Foreign Exchange workshops will provide options for tackling the same plein air spot.

We will follow all the county restrictions and social distancing mandates.

* All times mentioned are Western Europe (GMT+1).
* Zoom link will be shown upon registration.
* 24 hours before the workshop, Zoom link will be once again sent to the email address with which payment is made. Don’t forget to check that inbox!
* One 2 hour class: €55
* All three 2 hour classes: €165
* Payments accepted through PayPal or MBWay
* For registration, please contact me at

Material list:

  • Paper: Watercolor sketchbook, pad or loose watercolor paper. Tape/clip loose paper on a flat support. Prefer fine grain, and cold pressed. Make sure that your sketchbooks can open flat. Otherwise bring clips to hold down pages of your study book.
  • Brushes: Watercolor round brushes, size 12, 6, 2. If you are using squirrel mops: size 2 alone works. Pedro will be working in a sketchbook too, so large washes are not expected.
  • Spray bottle: Used to keep washes and paints moist in hot weather.
  • Pigments: Raw sienna, Burnt sienna (brown), Cobalt blue, Ultramarine blue, Payne’s Grey, Sap or Olive green, occasional colors: Winsor Yellow  and Alizarin Crimson.
  • Pen: Nib pen with waterproof ink, or pigment fineliners
  • Pencil: 2B lead or softer, for thumbnails and studies
  • Eraser: Don’t bring one

The USk Manchester Symposium finale

USk Manchester Symposium day 4 / Simpósio USk em Manchester dia 4

USk Manchester official photo

After lunch and after the afternoon lectures, activities and sketchcrawl, the sketchers gathered in the All-Saints Gardens, close to the Benzie Building of the Manchester School of Art. The four day event that brought nearly 500 participants from 44 nations was near its end. The official pictures of the final gathering were taken by the slightly sloped grass field of the Gardens. Then, small and large groups of sketchers took hundreds of pictures and selfies by themselves. These unofficial pictures grouped sketchers of common language, of common countries or regions or just chaotic groups of old and new friends that just wanted to record this joyful moments in a medium faster than sketching.

Depois do almoço, das palestras, actividades e do sketchcrawl da tarde, os desenhadores reuniram-se no jardim de All-Saints, perto do Benzie Building da Manchester School of Art. O evento de quatro dias que trouxe quase 500 participantes de 44 nações estava próximo do final. As fotografias oficiais do encontro final foram tiradas sobre o ligeiro declive relvado do jardim. Depois, pequenos e grandes grupos de desenhadores tiraram centenas de fotos e selfies por eles próprios. Estas fotos não-oficiais agrupavam desenhadores de línguas comuns, de países e regiões comuns ou apenas bandos caóticos de velhos e novos amigos que apenas queriam registar este momento de alegria num meio mais rápido que o desenho.

160730 Manchester 02

Then, everybody moved inside to the Benzie for the final reception. The silent auction started, and was anything but silent. Rowdy groups of sketchers admired loudly all the excellent pieces that were being auctioned in increments of £10, as a band of mexican calaveras played rock and roll on a stage. All proceeds of the auction were, of course, directed to the Urban Sketchers, to help finance next year’s Symposium.

160730 Manchester 03

A recepção final deu-se no interior do Benzie. O leilão silencioso começou, e foi tudo menos silencioso. Grupos de desenhadores admiravam ruidosamente as excelentes peças que estavam a ser leiloadas em incrementos de £10, enquanto uma banda de calaveras mexicanas tocavam rock and roll num palco. Todo o retorno do leilão foi, claro, dirigido para os Urban Sketchers, para ajudar a financiar o Simpósio do próximo ano.

160730 Manchester 04

The schedule was getting tight, so Omar Jamarillo and Joel Berman took the stage to distribute the many sponsors gifts in a long raffle. These included watercolor sets, sketchbooks and other art material, and a very tempting workshop pass for next year’s Symposium.

160730 Manchester 05

A agenda apertava, portanto o Omar Jamarillo e o Joel Berman ocuparam o palco para distribuir as ofertas dos patrocinadores numa longa rifa. Estas incluiam conjuntos de aguarelas, cadernos de desenho, material de arte e um muito tentador passe para o Simpósio seguinte.

160730 Manchester 06

As soon as the raffle and the auction were over, Fernanda Vaz de Campos announced the news that everyone wanted to hear (and a few already suspected). Joel’s presence on stage was already giving away the location. In 2017, the Symposium returns to the United States in Chicago, Illinois!

Assim que a rifa e o leilão terminaram, a Fernanda Vaz de Campos anunciou a notícia que todos esperavam (e que alguns já suspeitavam). A presença do Joel no palco já denunciava o local. Em 2017, o Simpósio regressa aos Estados Unidos, em Chicago, Illinois!

160730 Manchester 07

Thank you Manchester, and hope we see each other again, next year in Chicago!

Obrigado Manchester, e esperamos voltar a ver-nos para o ano em Chicago!