Sintra à Noite – Workshop

Sketch by / Desenho de Pedro Alves

The Pedros, (Alves and Loureiro), after the success of their evening workshops in Torres Vedras and Lisboa, will bring the same experience to the town of Sintra, leading a night sketching workshop in the historical old town, at the Palácio da Vila, on March 17th (Saturday) from 6 to 9pm. We’re going to capture the evening beauty of the magical Sintra on our sketchbooks., sharing techniques, tricks of the trade and experiences of sketching in the night.

Minimum attendance 8 participants – Maximum attendance 20 participants | Price per person: 25€ (20€ for USkP Association members) | Registrations until March 15th to: and/or

We’re looking forward to sketch with you.

Os Pedros (o Alves e o Loureiro), no seguimento do sucesso dos seus workshops nocturnos em Torres Vedras e Lisboa, irão levar a mesma experiência à vila de Sintra e irão dar um Workshop de desenho nocturno no centro histórico, no largo do Palácio da Vila, dia 17 de Março (Sábado) das 18:00 às 21:00. Vamos captar a beleza nocturna da mágica Sintra nos nossos diários gráficos, partilhando técnicas, truques e experiências de como desenhar à noite.

Mínimo 8 participantes – Máximo 20 participantes | Preço por pessoa: 25€  (Associados USkP: 20€) | Inscrições até 15 de Março para mail: e/ou

Esperamos por vós, até lá.

The odd suburbs of Lisboa

The palace of Queluz


Lisboa’s outskirts are peppered with suburbs of different shapes, sizes and styles. They range from forest parks to densely packed residential districts, from slums to industrial areas, from bourgeois waterfront mansions to medieval towns that have been absorbed by the city’s ever expanding grid. Queluz is one of those suburbs. It is home to Queluz National Palace, built in the 18th century as a summer home for the royal family. It is but a dwarf variation of the great Rococo palaces of Europe like Versailles. Right next to it rests a tiny urban settlement of old houses and narrow streets. I’ve always admired how in Lisboa great buildings of power are offset by projections of the humbleness of common people. Another example of this is the National Parliament of São Bento and the vernacular buildings that face it. It is in that space between that most political oriented demonstrations of Lisboa have their final checkpoint.


Magoito beach

Then, there’s Magoito, a village by the beach in Sintra. Still close enough to be a candidate for the title of suburb of Lisboa, but far enough for people to feel as if they are spending holidays away from the city, if they happen to sleep over. The farthest people in it were engulfed in a thick sfumato of dust and iodine, and the smell of the salty water was instantly invigorating. The sun was hidden behind clouds, so we had to be extra careful not to get burned without noticing. The layers of blue and grey almost melded on the horizon and the body-boarders peppered the waves. The sand was not yellow nor white but in shades of brown and shadowy brown – contrasts lowered by the wind and the clouds. I always get drowsy in the first days of going to the beach.


Snacks in Magoito

During the match between Holland and Costa Rica, there was, of course, time for more snails and bifanas and beer.