World of Wine architecture illustrations

World of Wine is the first design by architecture firm Broadway Malyan that was published since I started working there as a full-time illustrator roughly a year ago.

You can find the press release on the Broadway Malyan website here.

A tourism-oriented cultural complex in Vila Nova de Gaia, WoW takes advantage of the many existing wine-ageing buildings, while adding new structures to provide modern facilities to the visitors.

The project has been published in Público, Jornal de Negócios, ObservadorOpção TurismoDinheiro Vivo and, among others.


A stroll through the village

It is said of Alfredo Roque Gameiro that he painted in watercolor like others paint in oil. These illustrations for Júlio Dinis’ novel As Pupilas do Senhor Reitor attest to that statement. For this set, Roque Gameiro went on to find the town which best fit the narrative in the novel. He found that the landscape in and around Santo Tirso was a perfect match. He even went to the point of buying the period’s clothes and hiring models to pose for him in different settings around the town.










Oeiras outdoor campaign

Oeiras City Hall wanted to communicate its policies throughout the term in a way that would get the attention of the voters, and sketched narrative was the way to go. Several outdoors, illustrated by Filipe Pinto and I, telling the citizens how they can benefit from these policies, now populate the cityscape of many towns of the Oeiras Municipality.

A Câmara de Oeiras quis comunicar as suas políticas durante o mandato de uma forma que captasse a atenção dos eleitores, e a narrativa ilustrada foi o caminho escolhido. Vários outdoors ilustrados pelo Filipe Pinto e por mim, contando aos cidadãos como podem beneficiar destas políticas, habitam a paisagem urbana de várias localidades no Município de Oeiras.

“Today, our champions live in Oeiras – Football City in Caxias”

Regarding the major sports infrastructure in the heights of Caxias.

Relativamente às estruturas desportivas no alto de Caxias.

“Today, we pay less taxes in Oeiras”

Regarding the Municipal Property Tax reduction.

Relativamente à redução do IMI.

“Today, we have less expensive medicine in Oeiras”

Regarding subsidized pharmacy expenses for citizens.

Relativamente aos apoios prestados na compra de medicamentos.