Genoa Lisboa Sketch Connection

In the summer of 2019, I had the chance to visit Genova to teach a sketching workshop, and participate in a sketching event with the great people of USk Liguria. It soon became apparent that Genova and Lisboa had much in common: the good food, the old narrow streets, the waterfront, the steep hills, the rich history.

Before the end of the year, Valentina Raiola – one of the USk Liguria admins, and a great drink and draw companion – approached me with the idea of sharing the similarities between both cities in monthly sketches. And so, Genoa-Lisboa Sketch Connection was born!

For the next 12 months, Valentina and I will share with the world the similarities between Genova and Lisboa, through sketches and text, in our blogs and social media. We will each post one sketch per month, each one based on a theme that connects both cities. Think Inktober but less frantic and establishing a bridge between two places and two people.

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No verão de 2019, tive a oportunidade de visitar Genova para dar uma oficina de desenho e participar num evento de desenho com o pessoal dos USk Liguria. Cedo se tornou aparente que Genova e Lisboa tinham muito em comum: a boa comida, as velhas ruas estreitas, a frente aquática, as encostas íngremes, a riqueza histórica.

Antes do final do ano, a Valentina Raiola – uma das administradoras dos USk Liguria, e uma excelente companheira do desenha-e-bebe – propôs-me a ideia de partilharmos as semelhanças entre as duas cidades em desenhos mensais. Assim nasceu a Genoa-Lisboa Sketch Connection!

Durante os próximos 12 meses, a Valentina e eu iremos partilhar com o mundo as semelhanças entre Genova e Lisboa, através de desenhos e texto, nos nossos blogs e redes sociais. Iremos publicar um desenho por mês, cada um baseado num tema que liga ambas as cidades. Tipo Inktober, mas menos frenético e estabelecendo uma ponte entre os dois locais e povos.

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Great people of Genova

Urban sketching is about recording great stories in our sketchbooks! And what better way to tell a story than by the people that live them. Thanks to the Urban Sketchers Liguria, Genova will be full of sketchers, workshops and exhibitions from the 22nd to the 30th of June. My contribution to the event is a people sketching workshop in Mercato Orientale.

In the Local Markets, Great People sketching workshop, we will see the Mercato Orientale from the viewpoint of the great people working and living in it. We will focus on generic people sketching, close-up features, postures and actions, and architecture as a stage for the people’s stories.
Whether they are the local grocer, the coffee maker, the kids playing or the granma shopping, all stories matter, if we aim to tell the stories of the world, one sketch at a time.

The goals of the workshop are to:

  • Learn how to quickly capture a crowd of people in an urban (indoors or outdoors) setting;
  • Master simple techniques to portray a close-up person, with few lines and/or watercolor shading;
  • Use sketching as a way to observe small quick interactions and behaviors between people;
  • Simplify the architecture in your sketch, to make the built environment work to the advantage of your story, where people are the main focus.