Sketchers quorum


Urban Sketchers Portugal general assembly convened on April 1st. The official annual meeting had a moderate crowd, almost like a family gathering, except that it had powerpoints and spreadsheets. There was time to talk about the past, time to imagine the future, and time for a silent auction of sketches.

A assembleia geral dos USkP reuniu-se no primeiro de Abril. O evento anual teve uma plateia moderada, quase como uma reunião familiar, mas com powerpoints e folhas de cálculo. Houve tempo para números, para falar do passado e para imaginar o futuro, e ainda houve tempo para um leilão silencioso.


Benfica-Porto was raging already when the meeting was over, and our estemed guest, Norberto Dorantes was bent on watching a Portuguese ball game, so there was just time to get a seat at the first eatery and enjoy a nice roasted chicken, watch the game and be merry. And I got myself a portrait done by Norberto! Yay!

O Benfica-Porto rebentava quando a assembleia acabou, e o nosso convidado de honra, Norberto Dorantes, ansiava por ver um jogo da bola Português. Houve apenas tempo para arranjar lugar no primeiro tasco e comer um belo de um frango assado, ver o jogo e estar alegre. E eu ainda ganhei um retrato feito pelo Norberto! Iupi!


Portugal 2 – Wales 0

Now, with the cup in the bag, this sketch has a whole new meaning to it. Portugal played against Wales in the Euro 2016 semi-finals. A long and winding road, filled with draws and apparently easy matches. The bout against Wales was the first match (and second to last) where it was already ok to believe in victory.

160706 Alcantara

Agora, com a taça no papo, este desenho tem um sabor diferente. Portugal jogou contra o País de Gales nas semi-finais do Euro 2016. Um caminho turbulento e cheio de empates e jogos aparentemente fáceis. O desafio contra o País de Gales foi o primeiro jogo (e penúltimo) em que finalmente já se podia acreditar numa vitória.

The return of the Champions / O regresso dos Campeões

A great thing about working downtown is that you can watch Euro 2016 Champions’ bus going by from above – Go Portugal!

Uma das vantagens de se trabalhar na baixa é que se pode ver passar o autocarro dos Campeões do Euro 2016 de cima – Força Portugal!

160711 Restauradores

This one was nowhere to be seen…

este não lhe puseram a vista em cima…

The odd suburbs of Lisboa

The palace of Queluz


Lisboa’s outskirts are peppered with suburbs of different shapes, sizes and styles. They range from forest parks to densely packed residential districts, from slums to industrial areas, from bourgeois waterfront mansions to medieval towns that have been absorbed by the city’s ever expanding grid. Queluz is one of those suburbs. It is home to Queluz National Palace, built in the 18th century as a summer home for the royal family. It is but a dwarf variation of the great Rococo palaces of Europe like Versailles. Right next to it rests a tiny urban settlement of old houses and narrow streets. I’ve always admired how in Lisboa great buildings of power are offset by projections of the humbleness of common people. Another example of this is the National Parliament of São Bento and the vernacular buildings that face it. It is in that space between that most political oriented demonstrations of Lisboa have their final checkpoint.


Magoito beach

Then, there’s Magoito, a village by the beach in Sintra. Still close enough to be a candidate for the title of suburb of Lisboa, but far enough for people to feel as if they are spending holidays away from the city, if they happen to sleep over. The farthest people in it were engulfed in a thick sfumato of dust and iodine, and the smell of the salty water was instantly invigorating. The sun was hidden behind clouds, so we had to be extra careful not to get burned without noticing. The layers of blue and grey almost melded on the horizon and the body-boarders peppered the waves. The sand was not yellow nor white but in shades of brown and shadowy brown – contrasts lowered by the wind and the clouds. I always get drowsy in the first days of going to the beach.


Snacks in Magoito

During the match between Holland and Costa Rica, there was, of course, time for more snails and bifanas and beer.