Automotive interlude

Renault 5 TL

This Renault 5 TL was just outside our doorstep in Benfica. The exercise was inspired by Lapin’s sketches sitting on the sidewalk one meter away from the bumper.

Unknown vehicle

This unknown brand rusted down van was parked outside a falafel place in Möllan in Malmö. My poor travel companions had to endure the finishing of all the rust in the sketch even after everybody had eaten their falafels.

Breakfast of champions

A good night’s sleep had us forget about the full day in tin cans on rails and up in the air. After that, the first thing on the ‘to do’ list was to have a proper Portuguese breakfast. Down at ‘Talismã’, a corner snack bar in Benfica, we ordered a couple of long due galões (sing. galão) – coffee with milk in tall glasses – with torrada – dry bread toasted with butter – and pão de deus misto (lit. mixed god’s bread)- a sweet bun topped with coconut custard with cheese and ham.


Screw lattes and muffins! This is the stuff!

Later, I munched on one more pão de deus at Areeiro, overlooking some modernist/fascist buildings. Can’t get enough o’ them! The sweet buns, that is.