Work and leisure in the northeast

Quinta das Pias, Pinhel, Portugal, goat, dog, agro-tourism

An architecture job we were hired to do took three of us on a road trip to the northeastern region of Beira Interior. The gig – the renovation of a typical dark granite house in the small village of Argomil – requires thorough measurement of the house’s geometry. Trouble was that the house was abandoned a long time ago and now serves as home for a bunch of wasps and a ton of assorted crap! Neither of them made the measuring job easier.

So, the good news after a tough afternoon among the wasps was that the place where we would stay for the night was a refreshing plot of land turned agro-tourism resort. A strip of individual rooms all had the same view to the green valley below. In the way were a group of goats and a very old very gentle dog named Tico, a few swaths of different cultures and a swimming pool, perfect to take away the waspy edge off!