Lisboa à Noite – Workshop

The Pedros, (Alves and Loureiro), after the success of their evening workshop in Torres Vedras, will bring the same experience to the capital, leading a night sketching workshop in the historical old town of Lisboa, at the Portas do Sol vantage point, on December 9th (Saturday) 5pm. We’re going to capture the evening beauty of the lovely Lisboa on our sketchbooks., sharing techniques, tricks of the trade and experiences of sketching in the night.

Minimum attendance 5 participants – Maximum attendance 20 participants | Price per person: 20€ (15€ for USkP Association members) | Registrations until December 7th to: and/or

We’re looking forward to sketch with you.

Desenho de Pedro Alves
Sketch by / Desenho de Pedro Alves


Os Pedros (o Alves e o Loureiro), no seguimento do sucesso do seu workshop nocturno em Torres Vedras, irão trazer a mesma experiência à capital e irão dar um Workshop de desenho nocturno no centro histórico de Lisboa, no miradouro das Portas do Sol dia 9 de Dezembro (Sábado) pelas 17:00. Vamos captar a beleza nocturna da bela Lisboa nos nossos diários gráficos, partilhando técnicas, truques e experiências de como desenhar à noite.

Mínimo 5 participantes – Máximo 20 participantes | Preço por pessoa:20€  (Associados USkP: 15€) | Inscrições até 7/12 para mail: e/ou

Esperamos por vós, até lá.

Lisbonne, la visiter c’est l’adopter part #1

I stole the title of this post from Alejandra herself. It was something she said on her facebook after returning from her trip, that I never had thought about, but that is probably in the minds of many people that aren’t from Lisboa but live, have lived, or visit it, even if for a short period. I have adopted the city of Lisboa as well, but had never fully realized it.

Roubei o título deste post da Alejandra. Foi algo que ela escreveu no seu facebook, depois de regressar da sua viagem, que nunca me tinha ocorrido, mas que provavelmente está presente nas mentes de pessoas que não são de Lisboa, mas que vivem, já viveram ou a visitaram, mesmo que por um curto período de tempo. Eu adoptei a cidade de Lisboa também, sem nunca me aperceber plenamente disso.

São Domingos, Portas do Sol, Rossio, Alfama, Lisboa

The past Saturday, in the morning, had a group of Portuguese Urban Sketchers gathered in Alfama to spend the day sketching and mingling together with Evelyn and Alejandra, the two Parisian sketchers touring Lisboa.

A manhã do sábado passado viu um grupo de Urban Sketchers Portugueses juntos em Alfama, prontos para passar o dia a desenhar e a conviver com a Evelyn e a Alejandra, as duas desenhadoras Parisienses em visita a Lisboa.

Santo Estevão, Alfama, Lisboa

We visited the top and the bottom of Alfama – the vantage point of Portas do Sol and the once-by-the-river Largo do Chafariz de Dentro. Between early and late morning, the group split and meandered around the narrow alleys and odd smells of medieval Lisboa.

Visitámos o topo e a base de Alfama – o miradouro das Portas do Sol e o outrora-à-beira-rio Largo do Chafariz de Dentro. Entre a manhã e o princípio da tarde, o grupo dispersou e serpenteou pelas travessas estreitas e pelos odores característicos da Lisboa medieval.

Pateo 13, Santo Estevão, Alfama, Lisboa

Things got smoky during lunchtime, as the wind was blowing all the smoke from the fat of the grilled sardines in our direction, in the patio-restaurant where the group had lunch. It was a joy having those sardines, but it was an even greater joy to breathe fresh air as soon as we were finished!

Ao almoço, a coisa ficou nebulosa. O vento empurrava o fumo da gordura das sardinhas assadas na nossa direcção, no restaurante-pátio onde o grupo almoçou. As sardinhas estavam uma delícia, mas ainda foi uma delícia maior respirar o ar puro fora da influência do fumo da grelha!

An evening in Alfama

Taverna do Vilarinho

Taberna do Vilarinho is a restaurant at the base of the castle hill in Lisboa. The menu is traditional portuguese cuisine with a focus on special delicacies. This means for starters, you’ll be recommended some juicy cabeça de xára (slices of slow-cooked pig’s head), somewhat similar to galantine. If you’re in for a safe choice, the bacalhau à brás (cod-fish with scrambled egg and straw-cut fries) much enjoyed in Spain, or the borrego com batata doce (roasted lamb sided with sweet potato). But if you keep on with the staff’s recommendation, you’ll go for the samos de bacalhau com grão (cod-fish swim bladder stew with chickpeas), an organ used by many fish to control depth. It’s kinda spongy and squishy and all the fluids add to the thickness of the sauce, but you can really taste the cod-fish flavours there. Would eat again!

Taverna do Vilarinho

The manager was a friend of ours, so we got to hang out in the small cosy restaurant after the doors were shut. Bottles of wine were popped open and leftover deserts were served. That’s when we got the chance to taste pêra bêbeda (drunken pear –  a pear dipped in port wine), the delicious and sugary tarte de ameixa (plum pie) and the surprisingly refreshing ananás de coentrada (pineapple with coriander).

Taverna do Vilarinho

More people arrived, friends, and friends of friends. All of a sudden, there was a party! The cell phone connected to spotify went around as everyone added a song to the playlist in some sort of “who plays the coolest song” competition. The accuracy of the sketching quickly waned as it was getting in the way of more dancing and drinking. As the evening drew to a close and everyone started to get the munchies, the chef, who also doubles as a jazz drummer, discreetly slid to the kitchen and brought back plates with heavily spiced raw tuna slices. Not quite sashimi, actually much better!

Taverna do Vilarinho

Here’s a place to definitely come back to.