Mockingbird branding

Mockingbird is a collective of architects, designers, photographers and illustrators operating and supporting each other from different parts of the world, dedicated to a wholesome approach on each project. They band together their different fields of expertise as required by each project and each client.

The brand was themed on the bird that mimics the sounds of other birds to produce beautiful music itself. One can also relate it to Harper Lee’s novel To kill a mockingbird, where the bird symbolizes purity of spirit.


Mockingbird Logo white  Mockingbird Logo blue Mockingbird Card mockup

Vamos Caricaturar Portugal Samsung competition

After the successful marketing campaign to promote the new Galaxy Note mobile device, Samsung Portugal launched a competition where 50 artists would make 500 caricatures using the Galaxy Note graphical abilities during four months’ time. The prize for finishing the caricatures was the device itself and the chance for a prize-money of 10.000 euros.

The competition became also a chance to improve digital illustration abilities and portraying techniques.

Samsung_competition_428_Caricature Samsung_competition_424_Caricature Samsung_competition_419_Caricature Samsung_competition_416_Caricature Samsung_competition_400_Caricature Samsung_competition_376_Caricature Samsung_competition_354_Caricature Samsung_competition_353_Caricature Samsung_competition_352_Caricature Samsung_competition_342_Caricature Samsung_competition_303_Caricature Samsung_competition_278_Caricature Samsung_competition_267_Caricature Samsung_competition_253_Caricature Samsung_competition_217_Caricature Samsung_competition_215_Caricature Samsung_competition_208_Caricature Samsung_competition_184_Caricature Samsung_competition_141_Caricature Samsung_competition_128_Caricature Samsung_competition_115_Caricature Samsung_competition_108_Caricature Samsung_competition_095_Caricature Samsung_competition_088_Caricature Samsung_competition_067_Caricature Samsung_competition_065_Caricature Samsung_competition_064_Caricature Samsung_competition_055_Caricature Samsung_competition_047_Caricature Samsung_competition_046_Caricature Samsung_competition_044_Caricature Samsung_competition_041_Caricature Samsung_competition_036_Caricature Samsung_competition_035_Caricature Samsung_competition_008_Caricature Samsung_competition_001_Caricature Samsung_competition_489_Caricature Samsung_competition_488_Caricature Samsung_competition_482_Caricature Samsung_competition_469_Caricature Samsung_competition_459_Caricature

Samsung Galaxy Note caricature campaign

As part of the marketing campaing to promote the new Galaxy Note device, Samsung Portugal placed several artists to digitally caricature people in point-of-sale stands using exclusive software and the graphical illustration capabilities of the Samsung Galaxy Note.

The result was an overwhelming awareness of the general public towards the new device. The caricatures served as an example of what the technology of the device allowed.

Samsung Note 01 Caricature Samsung Note 32 Caricature Samsung Note 31 Caricature Samsung Note 30 Caricature Samsung Note 29 Caricature Samsung Note 28 Caricature Samsung Note 27 Caricature Samsung Note 26 Caricature Samsung Note 25 Caricature Samsung Note 24 Caricature Samsung Note 23 Caricature Samsung Note 22 Caricature Samsung Note 21 Caricature Samsung Note 20 Caricature Samsung Note 19 Caricature Samsung Note 18 Caricature Samsung Note 17 Caricature Samsung Note 16 Caricature Samsung Note 15 Caricature Samsung Note 14 Caricature Samsung Note 13 Caricature Samsung Note 12 Caricature Samsung Note 11 Caricature Samsung Note 10 Caricature Samsung Note 09 Caricature Samsung Note 08 Caricature Samsung Note 07 Caricature Samsung Note 06 Caricature Samsung Note 05 Caricature Samsung Note 04 Caricature Samsung Note 03 Caricature Samsung Note 02 Caricature

Medronho stand

The Medronho stand was part of an academic research on brand development. It was the architectural design for a stand to promote food and drink products made from strawberry tree berries (medronho) originating from southern Portuguese region – Algarve.

The design was part of Eduarda Loureiro’s MA final project, that aimed to band several producers of medronho products under an umbrella regional brand.

Medronho stand 01 Perspective Medronho stand 02 Perspective Medronho stand 03 Perspective Medronho stand 04 Plan