Trixiia – All Over You video

Trixiia - All Over You Single cover watercolor

Illustrations for the animated music video All Over You, the first single from Trixiia – a pop music band from Malmö, Sweden.

The project involved sketching and filming on location with the band members. The animation was done traditionally, frame-by-frame, with digital illustrations. The video’s concept was created by Hilde Schotte and Erik Lundahl, respectively the singer and bass player of the band, with the editing being done by Erik Lundahl.

Harcon Disaster Relief Module

Harcon International is a construction material manufacturer based in southern Sweden. Their floor, wall and roof insulated sandwich system allows for a rapid assembly of any kind of construction while keeping building costs to a minimum.

The Harcon Disaster Relief Module is a construction developed with the sandwich system that allows rapid assembly of basic living quarters for victims of natural or man-made humanitarian crisis.

The images showing the assembly and practicality of the module were produced to populate a brochure to pitch the Disaster Relief Module to institutional clients around the world.


HDRM assembly

HDRM detail closedwindow  HDRM detail openwindow

HDRM plan

K2Karta branding

The K2Karta logotype and stationary was a proposal for a start-up business that aims to deliver high-quality 3D buildings modeled with SketchUp apt for Google Earth publication to clients in the southern Sweden region

The project was led by Studio K2 Lund, a cultural association based in Lund, Sweden. The name K2Karta relates to the parent entity. The graphical elements in the Logo are the silhouettes of the two most emblematic buildings in Lund – the Domkyrka and the Forum – two buildings around 1000 years apart in history. The background shape relates to the globe. The proposal included logotype, business card and an A6 postcard for free distribution.


K2Karta logo blue  K2Karta logo white

K2Karta Postcard mockup

K2Karta Card mockup