ooh Porto, design, tourism, Porto, Oporto, Portugal, logo

ooh Porto brand and stationary

ooh Porto is an innovative tourist service that provides customized tips and recommendations to visitors to the portuguese city of Porto. It's ...
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Your True Nature logo green

Your True Nature branding

Your True Nature is a small business operating out of Malmö, Sweden, that helps people get in touch with their ...
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Peter Salter feature white

Peter Salter Hairdressing branding

A logotype and stationary design project for Peter Salter Hairdressing, an organic hairdressing business operating in Auckland, New Zealand. The brand ...
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K2Karta feature

K2Karta branding

The K2Karta logotype and stationary was a proposal for a start-up business that aims to deliver high-quality 3D buildings modeled with SketchUp ...
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Mikrohus 120 brochure

Huskraft is an architecture and construction office based in Lund, Sweden, that specializes in modular wooden construction. Mikrohus 120 is the first of ...
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Harcon catalogue feature

Harcon Catalogue

Harcon International is a construction material manufacturer based in southern Sweden. Their floor, wall and roof insulated sandwich system allows for ...
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Mockingbird feature white

Mockingbird branding

Mockingbird is a collective of architects, designers, photographers and illustrators operating and supporting each other from different parts of the world, ...
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Grupo Dinis feature

Grupo Dinis branding

A set of two logotypes designed for two hotels belonging to Grupo Dinis in Lagos, Portugal. The logotypes are based on the ...
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