Foreign exchange workshop

Are you eager to sketch new places?
Are you not quite ready to travel and paint outside?
Want instruction from seasoned international instructors?

Then welcome to Foreign Exchange.

Studio Kelkar and Pedro Loureiro are teaming up to bring a set of workshop that will start online but end outdoors. We have 2 sets for you.

Our first set is Lisboa focused. (You are in the right place, keep reading)
Our second set is San Jose focused. (Sign up link – click here)
We use technology so that you can avail of instruction from both of us in one weekend. Look at the graphics to see how the 3, 2-hour sessions are planned.

The Lisboa focused workshop will begin Saturday afternoon in the comfort of your house, where Uma will instruct from her home town of San Jose over Zoom. Later in the day, Pedro will take you to the old town of Lisboa (link) to use the tools that you learned from Uma a few hours earlier. He will of course add his flavor to her teachings in-person. The next day, we reconvene for an on-location workshop with Pedro as the in-person instructor and will have a booth setup where Uma can Zoom chat with anyone who needs 1-1 instruction. We will have a system in place so no one person overuses Uma’s 1-1 time.

In Lisbon time (GMT+1) 
Sat, June 5, 2 pm – 4 pm, Uma teaches via Zoom
Sat, June 5, 7 pm – 9 pm, Pedro on location
Sun, June 6, 2 pm – 4 pm, Pedro on location, Uma on Zoom
And still some time to relax in the late afternoon.

Our common strengths:
Introverted instructors who can talk a lot about painting. Both use watercolor, ink and pens and are avid urban sketchers. Both volunteer with urban sketchers in varying roles other than that of Urban Sketcher instructors.

Our differentiating strengths:
Where Uma is a shape painter, Pedro is a line artist. Even his complex drawings appear clean and this skill is reflected in his vocabulary and in-person teaching as well. Uma is well acquainted with Almaden Lake and feels she can show you beauty in the sometimes stark vegetation around the lake. Starting with line and moving to shapes or vice-versa will inform choices one makes. Foreign Exchange workshops will provide options for tackling the same plein air spot.

We will follow all the county restrictions and social distancing mandates.

* All times mentioned are Western Europe (GMT+1).
* Zoom link will be shown upon registration.
* 24 hours before the workshop, Zoom link will be once again sent to the email address with which payment is made. Don’t forget to check that inbox!
* One 2 hour class: €55
* All three 2 hour classes: €165
* Payments accepted through PayPal or MBWay
* For registration, please contact me at

Material list:

  • Paper: Watercolor sketchbook, pad or loose watercolor paper. Tape/clip loose paper on a flat support. Prefer fine grain, and cold pressed. Make sure that your sketchbooks can open flat. Otherwise bring clips to hold down pages of your study book.
  • Brushes: Watercolor round brushes, size 12, 6, 2. If you are using squirrel mops: size 2 alone works. Pedro will be working in a sketchbook too, so large washes are not expected.
  • Spray bottle: Used to keep washes and paints moist in hot weather.
  • Pigments: Raw sienna, Burnt sienna (brown), Cobalt blue, Ultramarine blue, Payne’s Grey, Sap or Olive green, occasional colors: Winsor Yellow  and Alizarin Crimson.
  • Pen: Nib pen with waterproof ink, or pigment fineliners
  • Pencil: 2B lead or softer, for thumbnails and studies
  • Eraser: Don’t bring one

10×10 Al-Andalusk 2020

I’m very honored and happy to be part of the excellent roster of instructors in the Al-Andalusk 10×10 workshop programme, in September, alongside Inma SerranoCélia BurgosGabriel de la Riva PérezNelson Paciência and Vicente Sardinha! It’s going to be an intense but fulfilling weekend of sketching in sunny Sevilla. Find out more in Al-Andalusk facebook page to find out more, or send an email to Venga!

Estou muito honrado e feliz de fazer parte do excelente plantel de formadores no programa de oficinas 10×10 dos Al-Andalusk, em Setembro, ao lado de Inma SerranoCélia BurgosGabriel de la Riva PérezNelson Paciência e Vicente Sardinha! Vai ser um fim de semana de desenho intenso mas recompensador, na solarenga Sevilha. Visitem a página facebook dos Al-Andalusk para descobrir mais, ou enviem um email para Venga!

Curso de urban sketching

Artist Carlos Marques is also the dynamic organizer behind the Academia de Pintura Parque das Nações. This season, Carlos has invited me again to lead a series of four workshops on urban sketching, during November 2019.

During four classes on four Saturday mornings (November 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th), we’ll approach several topics, techniques and sketching exercises that characterize my way of observing and representing the world in sketchbooks.

The classes will deal in places and people sketching. We’ll travel through the most influential learning phases of my work, but we’ll also take a look at how comics, illustration, architecture and cinema shaped my sketching.

Beginner and intermediate sketchers are welcome. Also welcome are all sketching materials and media, with preference to watercolor sketchbooks, waterproof ink pens and a set of watercolors.

Registrations here.

O artista Carlos Marques é também o dinamizador da Academia de Pintura Parque das Nações. Esta época, o Carlos convidou-me outra vez a integrar a excelente lista de formadores, para dar um curso de quatro aulas sobre urban sketching, no mês de novembro de 2019.

Ao longo de quatro aulas em quatro sábados de manhã (9, 16, 23 e 30 de Novembro), iremos abordar vários temas, práticas e exercícios de desenho que caracterizam a minha forma de observar e representar o mundo em diários gráficos.

As aulas irão tratar do desenho de ambientes e de pessoas. Iremos viajar pelas aprendizagens mais influentes no meu trabalho, bem como pela banda desenhada, ilustração, arquitectura e cinema.

São bem vindos desenhadores principiantes e intermédios. Também são bem vindos todos os materiais de desenho e todos os suportes, com preferência para o diário gráfico com um bom papel de aguarela, a caneta com tinta à prova de água e um conjunto de aguarelas.

Inscrições aqui.

Oficinas de Diários Gráficos – Biblioteca Orlando Ribeiro


A Biblioteca Orlando Ribeiro irá promover, entre Outubro e Novembro, quatro oficinas de diários gráficos com quatro urban sketchers. Cada formador irá abordar um tema diferente, e os participantes poderão escolher um ou mais oficinas, em função das técnicas que pretendem desenvolver.

  • 19 Outubro 10:00 | Pedro Loureiro | Desenho de pessoas e actividades diárias
  • 26 Outubro 10:00 | António Procópio | Perspectivas distorcidas
  • 2 Novembro 10:00 | João Catarino | Cheios-vazios e espaços negativos
  • 9 Novembro 14:00 | Pedro Alves | Composição, perspectiva e desenho de arquitectura

Cada oficina terá máximo de 15 participantes e um custo de 20€, ou custo reduzido de 15€ para associados Urban Sketchers Portugal e para possuidores do cartão das Bibliotecas de Lisboa.

Para mais informações e inscrições, por favor contactem

Between October and November, the Orlando Ribeiro Public Library in Lisboa will hold four sketching workshops by four urban sketchers. Each instructor will teach a different subject, and participants can register to one or more workshops, according to the techniques they want to improve on.

  • October 19th, 10am | Pedro Loureiro | Sketching people and their daily activities
  • October 26th, 10am | António Procópio | Distorted perspectives
  • November 2nd, 10h | João Catarino | Voids-solids and negative space
  • November 9th, 14h | Pedro Alves | Composition, perspective and architecture sketching

Each workshop will have a maximum of 15 participants and a price of 20€, or reduced price of 15€ for Urban Sketchers Portugal Association members and for holders of the Lisboa library card.

For more info and registrations, please contact

Pedros dual workshop

On an invitation from Carlos Marques, of the Academia de Pintura Parque das Nações, Pedro Alves and I will teach two urban sketching workshops. We’re going to share tips and techniques on how to construct a people-centered sketch. The stories of everyday people of Parque das Nações will be the focus of the demos and three outdoor sketching exercises.

Join us, and together, we will RULE the galaxy… oh wait! That’s our other project. For more info and registrations, please click here! Make sure to check the “urbansketching” workshops on the 3rd and 10th, on the right side of the page.

Also, check out the workshops on the 4th and 11th, by our friend and talented sketcher António Procópio!

A convite do Carlos Marques, da Academia de Pintura Parque das Nações, o Pedro Alves e eu vamos conduzir duas oficinas de desenho. Iremos partilhar dicas e técnicas sobre como construir um desenho centrado nas pessoas. As histórias do quotidiano das gentes do Parque das Nações serão o foco das demos e de três exercícios de desenho de rua.

Juntem-se a nós, e juntos, GOVERNAREMOS a galáxia… ops, esperem! Esse é o nosso outro projecto. Para mais informação e inscrições, por favor cliquem aquiLembrem-se de marcar as oficinas de “urbansketching” nos dias 3 e 10, no lado direito da página.

E vejam também as oficinas do nosso amigo e talentoso desenhador António Procópio!