10×10 Al-Andalusk 2020

I’m very honored and happy to be part of the excellent roster of instructors in the Al-Andalusk 10×10 workshop programme, in September, alongside Inma SerranoCélia BurgosGabriel de la Riva PérezNelson Paciência and Vicente Sardinha! It’s going to be an intense but fulfilling weekend of sketching in sunny Sevilla. Find out more in Al-Andalusk facebook page to find out more, or send an email to alandalusk18@gmail.com. Venga!

Estou muito honrado e feliz de fazer parte do excelente plantel de formadores no programa de oficinas 10×10 dos Al-Andalusk, em Setembro, ao lado de Inma SerranoCélia BurgosGabriel de la Riva PérezNelson Paciência e Vicente Sardinha! Vai ser um fim de semana de desenho intenso mas recompensador, na solarenga Sevilha. Visitem a página facebook dos Al-Andalusk para descobrir mais, ou enviem um email para alandalusk18@gmail.com. Venga!

Author: Pedro Loureiro

I was born on the southwestern-most tip of Europe, in Lagos, Portugal. A childhood of legos and sandcastles led me to architecture school, but an adolescence of doodling drove me to sketching and later to illustration. I like to sketch, to travel and to chop vegetables into tiny manageable bits. I also like maps. The older the better!

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