Barona IPA illustration

Barona‘s IPA goes back to the crops, with its intense hops flavor. The illustration for the IPA label was born from crossing the atmosphere of the Alentejo plains with the towering hops plantation.

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A IPA da Barona volta às colheitas, com o seu sabor intenso a lúpulo. A illustração para a etiqueta da IPA nasceu cruzando a atmosfera das planícies do Alentejo com as alturas das plantações de lúpulo.

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Author: Pedro Loureiro

I was born on the southwestern-most tip of Europe, in Lagos, Portugal. A childhood of legos and sandcastles led me to architecture school, but an adolescence of doodling drove me to sketching and later to illustration. I like to sketch, to travel and to chop vegetables into tiny manageable bits. I also like maps. The older the better!

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