Casa dos Bicos


One of the most iconic buildings in Lisboa was also in the path of Roque Gameiro – the Casa dos Bicos, in the foot of the castle hill, where the riverfront used to be, before the landfills in the 14th, 18th and 19th centuries claimed the territory for warehouses and other maritime uses. The house was a nobleman’s residence, built in the 16th century and was dubbed House of the Spikes for its unique façade design, comprised of limestone diamond-shaped spikes protruding out of the wall. The two top floors that were in the original construction and fell during the great earthquake of 1755, were reconstructed in 1983, when the building was converted into an exhibition center, so in his time, Gameiro got the two bottom floors only. Nowadays, it serves as the José Saramago Foundation headquarters.

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Um dos edifícios mais icónicos de Lisboa também esteve no trilho de Roque Gameiro – a Casa dos Bicos, no sopé da colina do castelo, onde a frente ribeirinha costumava ser antes dos aterros dos séculos XIV, XVIII e XIX. A casa nobre, construida no séc. XVI, foi chamada assim por causa da sua fachada peculiar em bicos de calcário protuberantes. Os dois andares superiores da construção original e que tombaram durante o terramoto de 1755, foram reconstruidos em 1983, quando o edifício foi convertido num centro expositivo. No seu tempo, Roque Gameiro apanhou o edifício com os dois andares de baixo apenas. Hoje em dia, o edifício serve como sede da Fundação José Saramago.


Casa dos Bicos by / por Roque Gameiro

Author: Pedro Loureiro

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