Portugal 2 – Wales 0

Now, with the cup in the bag, this sketch has a whole new meaning to it. Portugal played against Wales in the Euro 2016 semi-finals. A long and winding road, filled with draws and apparently easy matches. The bout against Wales was the first match (and second to last) where it was already ok to believe in victory.

160706 Alcantara

Agora, com a taça no papo, este desenho tem um sabor diferente. Portugal jogou contra o País de Gales nas semi-finais do Euro 2016. Um caminho turbulento e cheio de empates e jogos aparentemente fáceis. O desafio contra o País de Gales foi o primeiro jogo (e penúltimo) em que finalmente já se podia acreditar numa vitória.

Author: Pedro Loureiro

I was born on the southwestern-most tip of Europe, in Lagos, Portugal. A childhood of legos and sandcastles led me to architecture school, but an adolescence of doodling drove me to sketching and later to illustration. I like to sketch, to travel and to chop vegetables into tiny manageable bits. I also like maps. The older the better!

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