Harcon Catalogue

Harcon International is a construction material manufacturer based in southern Sweden. Their floor, wall and roof insulated sandwich system allows for a rapid assembly of any kind of construction while keeping building costs to a minimum.

The catalogue is an editorial design project displaying the features of the Harcon sandwich system, brief instructions on the ease of use and a showcase of many different house designs developed by Harcon’s architecture team led by Kenton Knowles, categorized by their marketing segmentation. The house catalogue serves not only the aim of presenting a list of ready-made designs for the client to choose from, but also to show the versatility of the Harcon sandwich system as it makes different house layouts possible.

The catalogue was designed in cooperation with Eduarda Loureiro, designer, and João Val, architect.

Harcon catalogue cover Harcon catalogue 06-07 Harcon catalogue 14-15 Harcon catalogue 44-45

Mockingbird branding

Mockingbird is a collective of architects, designers, photographers and illustrators operating and supporting each other from different parts of the world, dedicated to a wholesome approach on each project. They band together their different fields of expertise as required by each project and each client.

The brand was themed on the bird that mimics the sounds of other birds to produce beautiful music itself. One can also relate it to Harper Lee’s novel To kill a mockingbird, where the bird symbolizes purity of spirit.


Mockingbird Logo white  Mockingbird Logo blue Mockingbird Card mockup